'Electrical, mechanical and process engineer specialising in site management, electrostatic precipitators, personnel training and inspections.'


Management and Training

Lecturing and practical demonstrations on electrical, mechanical, and process engineering to client personnel


ESP Upgrades

High-voltage and other systems, installation of anti-sneakage plates, process optimisation for peak efficiency

Peter at Richards Bay


Preparation, risk assessment,  and reporting on all aspects pertaining to the success of the project

About Me

With more than three decades of experience in Electrical, Mechanical, and Commissioning Engineering in 70 countries, I specialise in overseeing, installing and repairing electrostatic precipitators. Staff management, training, supervising control systems, and maintaining good relationships between clients and contractors is my forte, along with troubleshooting, report writing, and an ability to combine disciplines according to requirements. Fluent in English and Danish, I also speak basic Spanish and German.

insta peter and the owl
Peter Berg-Munch

Experience In:

  • Construction, operation and maintenance of diesel engines.

  • Hydraulic systems

  • Steam boilers and turbines

  • Power distributing systems and power management.

  • Refrigeration systems

  • Air-condition systems

  • Water supply and sewage systems

  • Control systems, PLC, SCADA and HMI.

  • Burner control systems.

  • Training and troubleshooting

I worked extensively with Peter during the commissioning of a large cement plant in Egypt, and found him to be highly skilled in troubleshooting and commissioning of all electrical equipment in a cement plant. Peter was always the person to ask if there were any electrical issues to be solved. I can give Peter my best recommendations as a colleague and friend. He is hardworking and an expert in his field.

Christian Ryø

Industrial and Engineering Manager from Copenhagen, Denmark